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We’re more than just an insurance broker.

Master Builders Insurance Brokers (MBIB) is a general insurance brokerage owned by Australia’s Master Builders Associations.

We are specialists in construction insurance and support the industry by acting as Insurance Brokers to many of the 23,500 members in the states and territories we look after.

We also provide risk management advice, advocacy and lobbying support to the industry as a whole. All the profits go back to these associations (our shareholders). However, our service is available to the broader construction industry and all of its participants.

Each state and territory employs specialist staff skilled in the critical areas of building and construction insurance, such as Contract Works, Home Warranty, Surety Bonds and more.

We established our business to ensure that the building and construction sector would always be influential within the insurance market in all matters affecting its industry. Our business ensures that the industry has a seat at the table with those bodies whose decisions could significantly impact them, such as governments and insurance companies.

As a leading broker in the industry, we use our national muscle to leverage great ‘value for money’ insurance arrangements with preferred underwriters. We are ultimately keeping premiums down and policy coverage broad.


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We look after a broad range of builders, from those undertaking smaller straightforward jobs to those undertaking notable projects with significant complexity.


We’re committed to our growing membership base and strive to deliver market-leading insurance-related products nationally, with a focus on what matters to local builders. To achieve this, we recruit specialist staff and have streamlined internal and external processes. Also, we have a broad product range to allow us to meet the demands of an ever-widening variety of builders.



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