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Master Builders Services

We are unique in our ability and access to understanding the risks construction businesses face.

Through close alignment with the State Master Builders Associations, we can offer a broad array of solutions (not just insurance) to address risk.

While MBIB has built a unique product and advice model to service its customers, we often utilise services offered by various Master Builders Associations around the country to complement our insurance placement, making it a true risk management offering. These services range in every state but include access to WHS management systems and onsite audits, legal advice, dispute resolution, building services and most importantly, training.

Training is a critical tool that enables us to highlight areas of risk and offer training solutions to address the specific commercial exposures of our clients. This direct alignment with Master Builders training operations around the country is something unique to an Insurance Broking business.

Now more than ever, with insurance becoming a political hot button driven by recent non-compliant product issues and the hardening of the insurance market, MBIB is more active than ever advocating through the Associations to bring the Construction and Insurance industries closer together.

By helping to promote better risk management, build quality and safer construction sites while fostering a positive dialogue between the construction industry and insurance market, MBIB is seeking to achieve better outcomes for the whole industry, not just individual clients.

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