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Pollution Liability Insurance

Protects your business against environmental liabilities and exposures.

Cover for

Third-party bodily injury
Third-party property damage
Clean up or remediation costs
Emergency response costs
Statutory liabilities and clean up costs
Civil fines and penalties
Defence costs and expenses




What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

A Pollution Liability policy (also known as environmental insurance) is designed to offer protection for third-party environmental losses.

It responds to sudden, accidental and gradual pollution incidents. A policy can be taken out to cover a specific job or to cover all projects.

A Pollution Liability policy will cover you for gradual pollution events which are often excluded under a Public Liability policy, along with losses relating to asbestos.

When a pollution event occurs it can be difficult to know who to turn to; pollution liability insurance provides your business with access to technical and legal experts who are well versed in environmental exposures and will assist you to get back on track whilst dealing with strict regulatory conditions.

Key benefits
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Cover for gradual or sudden pollution or contamination losses
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Includes clean up or remediation costs to remove pollutants or contaminants
icon workplace injuries
Covers emergency response costs
icon claims
Covers first party business interruption costs resulting from pollution conditions

Why do you need this policy?

Here's an example:


A builder completes a renovation at a local government office.

A year after the works were finished, an employee working in the office became ill. Upon further investigations, they were found to have developed a respiratory condition as a result of inhaling mould spores growing in the newly constructed office space.

As the builder still held a current pollution liability policy, he was able to make a claim. The Insurer found that the builder failed to prevent water from entering the building and did not install proper ventilation to allow airflow and stop mould from growing.

The Insurer covered the cost associated with the third-party bodily injury, which upon mediation came to $150,000

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While a Public Liability policy or others may provide some coverage for pollution, there are often exclusions. If you believe you have an exposure to an environmental or pollution claim, contact us today for an obligation-free insurance review.

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