Merry Christmas from our CEO

"I’d like to wish all of our clients a happy and safe Christmas.

We hope you get to spend it with your families and friends who take on extra significance this year after the long, challenging and at times isolating year we’ve all had.


The construction industry has seen many challenges this year, not least the varying stages of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, coupled with economic uncertainty, supply issues and various non-conforming product issues. The insurance industry hasn’t been immune. It is experiencing a hardening of market conditions which has not missed the construction industry with construction professionals wearing the brunt in the Professional Indemnity space. Meanwhile, contractors are beginning to experience restrictive insurer capacity and increased pricing, which is a reality now and into the foreseeable future.

Here at MBIB, we hope to have been just one of those many critical cogs that has kept your business functioning through such a trying 2020. We remain committed to being the go-to construction insurance broker into the future, providing broad coverage and specialist advice at the right price.

While we’ve often done it differently this year, at times working from home offices in whatever shape they took. I hope you’ve still received comfort in the advice and support on the other end of the phone when speaking with our outstanding staff.

I thank you for continuing to support our business and the Master Builders movement. We wish you all the very best and hope to be seeing you early in 2021."

luke hueston
Luke Hueston