R U OK day


Yesterday MBIB launched our very own R U OK Week with a range of activities and initiatives to raise awareness of mental health issues and to provide ongoing support to our people.  Our people’s health and wellbeing has always been of great importance at MBIB, but the events of this year have highlighted even more the need to ensure our people are doing ok and have the right support networks around them and resources available to them.

Walk & Listen

This initiative will see our people reach out to one and other to ask the important question of R U OK.  We are encouraging our staff to take the time to stop and listen when they ask someone this question.  Too often we ask the question in a range of varieties as more of a token gesture or conversation starter, but if we are honest with ourselves, we probably hope more times than not that people respond with ‘I’m fine’ and we can get on with the purpose of our conversation.

Through this walk and listen activity, we hope to start to change the way we all ask this question, and really listen to make sure that person is ok, and if not, put work aside and take the time to have a chat and find ways to support the person or help them through their current challenges, big or small.

MBIB R U OK Trivia

We have a few competitive people amongst our team, so we are anticipating a hotly contested virtual trivia event with a range of general knowledge and R U OK questions for participants to answer.  While the competition will be strong, we know it will be done with plenty of banter and fair play along the way!

Splash of Yellow Day

Our next national staff teleconference will take on a hint of yellow as we encourage staff to don a splash (or more) of yellow, or go all out and decorate their desk or home workspace.  We have heard some interesting costume plans so far, so we look forward to seeing the end results!

How did you recognise R U OK day in your workplace?